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Science Fiction Predictions that Came True - Thomas A. Easton, Judith Klein-Dial (Editors)

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A fascinating collection of fiction-turned-reality tales. Long before movies like Minority Report and The Matrix, the world’s writers have been recording the future as it might exist—and as it turns out, they were right. This bizarre anthology collects the most stunning predictions and imagined inventions here for the first time.

In this anthology of never-before-collected stories, our world’s greatest science fiction writers demonstrate that the truth can be just as strange as fiction.


Science Fiction as Prophecy by Robert Silverberg
Preface by Thomas A. Easton and Judith K. Dial

I. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT (Predictions that have already happened)

The Balloon Hoax by Edgar Allan Poe (Transatlantic flight; dirigibles)
The Land Ironclads by H. G. Wells (Armored tanks)
Deadline by Cleve Cartmill (Atomic bomb)
The Prize of Peril by Robert Sheckley (Reality TV)

II. WATCH YOUR STEP (Prototypes have been built)

Directed Energy by Jeff Hecht (Laser mosquito zapper)
Matchmaker by Thomas A. Easton (Chip-controlled animals)

III. BYTE ME! (Computer-related predictions)

A Logic Named Joe by Murray Leinster (Internet)
The Scarred Man by Gregory Benford (Computer viruses)
The Infodict by James Van Pelt (Internet addiction)
E-Mage by Rajnar Vajra (Identity theft)

IV. IS IT CATCHING? (Biological predictions)

How We Saved the Human Race by David Gerrold (Biological virus engineering)
Misprint by Vonda N. McIntyre (3D printing of living things)
Excellence by Richard A. Lovett (Gene-doping)

V. KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES! (Predictions of things to come)

The Mechanic by Hal Clement (Human genomes on file used for growing replacement parts)
Skystalk by Charles Sheffield (Space elevator)

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