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Time Hunter - Doctor Who spinoff Series - Complete 12 audio books! - Various

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I've decided to offer this as the complete series, rather than simply upload the few books that another kind collector has uploaded. He is missing three books from his collection and these are all included in this torrent.

Please note that some of the files are quite a bit smaller than others. This has to do with the difference in conversion of Audible files as compared to merging several MP3 files into a book. I assure you this is the complete series.

Time Hunter is a spinoff series in the Doctor Who universe. The Doctor is not present much in the stories, however. The two main characters are completely original to the series. One is a black American living in London by the name of Honoré Lechasseur. A shell shocked soldier who dabbles in the black and grey markets in London, he also has unique abilities in sensing time. He is joined by Emily Blandish, a nice English girl who has completely forgotten her past and has the ability to step through time with Honoré.

That is a broad plot line and some of the books follow other characters as well. These stories are really Doctor Who in the loosest sense of the word. They don't "feel" like Doctor Who but something quite different. But, they are licensed Doctor Who products and several of the books are by famous Who authors, and many are read by just as famous narrators.

The narration is good for the most part, although nobody really gets a black Southern American accent and most give up trying. I found it intriguing to have the main male character be black and American and in 1945 London. The friendship between Emily and Honoré is quite interesting with both of them being as eccentric as the other.

Nobody has heard of these books. They are by a very small outfit called Telos Publishing and produced by Fantom Audio, a small UK outfit. I share these in the spirit of sharing, but ask like I always do with small publishers to PLEASE consider buying some of the books on their website. It's how "out of the box" writing like this can come to be, quite frankly.

These books hardly exist as paperbacks and have become audio only releases. I hope you enjoy them. I've not listened to all of them yet. They are short books at about 3 to 5 hours a listen.

I give them 7 out of 10 stars after listening to four books. I think they would make for a great miniseries on television. This is good science fiction! Make sure you check out their website and buy something! I frankly think we need more Doctor Who products out there like this series.

And, I apologize for duplicating material already uploaded, but I simply couldn't find a better way to upload three books than uploading them all!

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