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The Switch (2000) - Sandra Brown

Written by
Read by Jan Maxwell
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Length: 14hrs 12min
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2012
Format: mp3, 64kbps, chapters

Sisters, twins, identical in every way,.... it isn't the first time twins Gillian and Melina Lloyd have switched identities. Yet it's the first time as adults that they've even considered the childhood prank. Melina, the more impetuous twin, proposes that her circumspect sister take her place as a media escort to NASA astronaut and national hero Colonel Christopher "Chief" Hart...

Gillian turns her down, but changes her mind at the last minute. The following day, Melina receives a shock, her twin has been murdered brutally and Colonel Hart is the prime suspect.

From there the book goes several different ways at the same time: there is a religious cult that controls a town where answers might be found and a side story of a Native American advocacy group. It is rather slow paced but stick with it.

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