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The Sittaford Mystery - Agatha Christie

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Mrs Willett and her daughter host an evening of table-turning, a séance, on snowy winter's evening in Dartmoor. The spirit tells them that Captain Trevelyan is dead. Major Burnaby decides to ski the otherwise impassible miles to check on his friend, finding the prediction correct. Emily Trefusis, engaged to Trevelyan's nephew, uncovers the mystery along with the police.

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1-01 Preliminary Scene And Opening Announcement.mp3 2.4 MBs
1-02 Well, You've Quite Transformed The Place.mp3 3.52 MBs
1-03 Well, What About A Game Of Bridge_.mp3 2.64 MBs
1-04 Have You A Message For Anyone Here_.mp3 2.73 MBs
1-05 I Won't Go On With This.mp3 2.85 MBs
1-06 Exhampton Police.mp3 2.96 MBs
1-07 Papers, All Over The Place.mp3 2.17 MBs
1-08 Suppose The Captain Hears A Noice Downstairs..mp3 3.12 MBs
1-09 What Sort Of A Fellow Is He_.mp3 3.36 MBs
1-10 Emily, Is That You_.mp3 3.36 MBs
1-11 What About The Other One_.mp3 4.03 MBs
1-12 Ah, Mrs Willet Wrote To Us.mp3 3.24 MBs
1-13 Do You Have The Names And Addresses_.mp3 4.21 MBs
1-14 The Whole Place Seems To Be Off Its Head.mp3 3.82 MBs
1-15 But Who In The World Would Want To Murder Joe_.mp3 4.08 MBs
1-16 Yes, Yes I Did.mp3 3.12 MBs
1-17 Another Pint Of Special, If You Please,.mp3 4.92 MBs
1-18 Do You Think Someone Is Deliberately....mp3 2.78 MBs
1-19 Oh Its Too Awfull!.mp3 3.96 MBs
1-20 What Was His Name_.mp3 2.73 MBs
2-01 Sugar_ No, thank you, Mrs Kurtis..mp3 3.76 MBs
2-02 I think I should come straight to the point, Major.mp3 4.61 MBs
2-03 Oh, it's so stuffy in here.mp3 3.52 MBs
2-04 Oh, nowhere much to hide up here..mp3 2.98 MBs
2-05 Tell me, where any other people there_.mp3 3.73 MBs
2-06 I'll tell you something about them, my dear.mp3 3.33 MBs
2-07 I'm sorry, Miss, but Mrs Willet isn't seein'.mp3 3.09 MBs
2-08 I didn't here the maid turn the key in the lock,.mp3 2.91 MBs
2-09 So, Daring wasn't at the dinner at all!.mp3 2.23 MBs
2-10 There's no doubt that he was in urgent need of money..mp3 1.82 MBs
2-11 Mrs Gardener's out at the moment,.mp3 2.85 MBs
2-12 Going out to meet your cousin_.mp3 3.38 MBs
2-13 Thank you for coming over.mp3 2.96 MBs
2-14 I don't think I understand you, inspector.mp3 2.52 MBs
2-15 Oh! What's the matter_.mp3 3.41 MBs
2-16 Oh, it's from Mrs Belling!.mp3 3.92 MBs
2-17 Ah, just a moment, Mrs Willet.mp3 2.88 MBs
2-18 I don't understand you..mp3 3.99 MBs
2-19 Ah, that's better!.mp3 3.15 MBs
2-20 So that ties everything up..mp3 2.74 MBs
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