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The Seeress of Kell (The Malloreon, #5) - David Eddings

Written by
Read by Cameron Beierle
Format: MP3

Time was running out for Garion and his companions in their quest to recover Garion's infant son and heir. If they could not locate the Place Which Is No More, then Zandramas, the Child of Dark, would use Garion's son in a rite that would raise the Dark Prophecy to eternal domination over the universe. Only the Seeress of Kell could reveal the site of that mysterious place, and she could only do that once Garion and Polgara had fulfilled an ancient prophecy in the mountain fastness of the Seers.
Kell itself was closed to Zandramas, but her dark magic could force the knowledge she needed from one of Garion's party. She laid her traps and dispatched her foul minions, determined to claim the world for the Dark God. But Garion would let nothing stand between him and his son.

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