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The Occuptation - Guy Walters

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Book Title:....................The Occuptation
Author:.........................Guy Walters
Narrator:......................Gordon Griffin aka Jack Paulin
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February 1945. The Allies have advanced to the banks of the Rhine, while the Russians are poised to enter Germany from the east. In his bunker in Berlin, Hitler makes a deadly decision: to deploy the V3, a secret weapon that is being constructed by slave labourers beneath the Channel Island of Alderney.
June 1990. Workmen digging the foundations for a new hotel on Alderney start to fall sick. Their illness is similar to that suffered by many islanders over the past half – century. Journalist Robert Lebonneur is determined to unearth the reason, despite the denials and threats that meet his questions.
Then Lebonneur discovers a diary written by Lieutenant-Colonel Max von Luck during the occupation. The diary makes it clear that much more is at stake than a mysterious illness. But as Lebonneur investigates, he begins to run into the same dark forces that Von Luck found himself up against nearly half a century before…

Guy Walters is the author and editor of nine books, which include four wartime thrillers, the critically acclaimed Berlin Games and his latest work, Hunting Evil. With James Owen he co-edited The Voice of War, an anthology of Second World War memoirs. Shortlisted for the 2006 William Hill Sports Book of the Year and the NASSS's 2007 Outstanding Book award, Guy has been an author since he left The Times of London, where he was a feature writer and a commissioning editor.
His books have been translated into several languages, and Hunting Evil has been and will be released in the UK, the USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Holland, France, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Poland and Romania.
Guy writes for a handful of UK newspapers and magazines, and is a frequent contributor to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2. He regularly gives talks to societies up and down the country. When he finds the time, Guy is currently working on his PhD at Newcastle University under the supervision of Professor Tim Kirk.
His wife, Annabel Venning, is also an author, and they live in Wiltshire in the southwest of England with their two children, William, 7, and Alice, 5. In his spare time, he is a keen player of croquet and pétanque.

Gordon Griffin (Jack Paulin) has be an actor for over 40 years and performed in everything from Shakespeare to rock musicals but what impresses people most is the fact that he is one of the people telling you to "Mind the Gap" on London Underground! After graduating from the Rose Bruford College, Gordon worked extensively in theatre (Shakespeare to rock musicals) television (including three seasons of Byker Grove) and film. But he is best known for his audio book recordings. He has recorded nearly 400 ranging from Gogol to Chris Ryan, from Thackeray to Catherine Cookson.

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