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[The Leopards of Normandy  02] - Duke - David Churchill

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Read by Russell Bentley
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Book Title:....................Duke
Series Name:...............The Leopards of Normandy
Series No:....................02
Author:.........................David Churchill
Narrator:......................Russell Bentley
Genre:..........................Historical Adventure

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William the Bastard, boy Duke of Normandy, is alone in a world filled with enemies. His father, Robert, is dead, and the men chosen to protect William are falling prey, one by one, to a conspiracy controlled and manipulated by a man who has spent a lifetime being mocked and ridiculed but now burns with the need to be feared and obeyed.
In England two women, equally matched in their beauty, strength and limitless ambition, seek power through their sons. They wield no swords and command no armies, but their struggles for the crown are as bitter as any war. And between them stands Godwin, Earl of Wessex, seeking to build a dynasty that will outlast them all.
One day William will join the struggle for dominion over England. But for now he must fight just to survive, to reach manhood and then to impose his will on those who would oppose him. Including the young woman he wants for his wife.

David Churchill writes with the immediacy of Conn Iggulden, the epic ambition of Bernard Cornwell and the plotting of CJ Sansom. The Leopards of Normandy trilogy tells the story of William the Conqueror in all its wild, intoxicating, unfailingly dramatic glory. The fate of England hangs in the balance of a fight between brothers The noble families of Europe are tearing themselves apart in their lust for power and wealth. Emma, Queen of England, is in agony over the succession to her husband Canute's throne ...while the sons of her brother, the Duke of Normandy, battle in the wake of his death....

Russell Bentley was born in London and trained as an actor at the Central School of Speech and Drama and received a scholarship to train at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh USA where he received an MFA in acting. Alumni include Holly Hunter, Patrick Wilson and Cherry Jones. He is also a commissioned writer of television comedy and film.

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