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	The Human Division (2013) (The fifth book in the Old Man's War series)  - John Scalzi

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THE UNITY OF THE HUMAN RACE IS AT STAKE Lieutenant Harry Wilson has an impossible mission. He must help preserve the union of humanity's colonies, in the wake of a terrible revelation. For years the Colonial Union has protected its citizens from the dangerous universe around them. But the people of Earth now know the ugly truth. The Union deliberately kept Earth as an ignorant backwater - and as a source of recruits for its war against hostile aliens. Now, other alien races have formed a new alliance against the Union. And they've invited the incensed people of Earth to join them. Managing the Colonial Union's survival will take all the political cunning and finesse its diplomats can muster. And Harry and his team will be deployed to deal with the unexpected - for failure is unthinkable.

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01. The B-Team_ The Human Division, Episode 1 (Unabridged).mp3 128.61 MBs
13. Earth Below, Sky Above_ The Human Division, Episode 13 (Unabridged).mp3 109.75 MBs
09. The Observers_ The Human Division, Episode 9 (Unabridged).mp3 63.28 MBs
03. We Only Need the Heads_ The Human Division, Episode 3 (Unabridged).mp3 60.79 MBs
11. A Problem of Proportion_ The Human Division, Episode 11 (Unabridged).mp3 57.76 MBs
05. Tales from the Clarke_ The Human Division, Episode 5 (Unabridged).mp3 54.52 MBs
07. The Dog King_ The Human Division, Episode 7 (Unabridged).mp3 54.03 MBs
04. A Voice in the Wilderness_ The Human Division, Episode 4 (Unabridged).mp3 45.3 MBs
06. The Back Channel_ The Human Division, Episode 6 (Unabridged).mp3 43.47 MBs
10. This Must Be the Place_ The Human Division, Episode 10 (Unabridged).mp3 40.69 MBs
08. The Sound of Rebellion_ The Human Division, Episode 8 (Unabridged).mp3 38.29 MBs
02. Walk the Plank_ The Human Division, Episode 2 (Unabridged).mp3 36.44 MBs
12. The Gentle Art of Cracking Heads_ The Human Division, Episode 12 (Unabridged).mp3 35.16 MBs
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