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Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer - Michael Mosley, Mimi Spencer

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Not just weight loss - better health too! The authors of the book that is still the number one UK nonfiction best seller six months after publication now present their work for Audible listeners and make it even easier to adopt their brilliant system.

Far from being just another fad, the Fast Diet is a radical new way of thinking about food, a lifestyle choice that could transform your health. This is your indispensable guide to simple and effective weight loss, without fuss or the need to endlessly deprive yourself. Eat normally for five days each week, and cut your calories on the other two. Scientific trails of Intermittent Fasting have shown that it will not only help the pounds fly off but also lower your risk of a range of diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Dr Michael Mosley, the medical journalist who presented the BBC Horizon programme which alerted the world to the IF phenomenon, presents the science behind the 5:2 diet, and Mimi Spencer, award-winning writer, explains the practicalities. It really is straightforward to incorporate this groundbreaking weight-loss system.

Dr Mosley's Fast Diet has become the health phenomenon of our times. And for good reason. This radical approach to weight loss really is as simple as it sounds. You eat normally for five days a week, then for just two days you cut your calorie intake (600 for men, 500 for women).

Michael Mosley introduces the science behind the diet, with exciting new research into the wider health benefits of intermittent fasting including studies on asthma, eczema and diabetes.

Mimi Spencer, award-winning food and fashion writer, then explains how to incorporate fasting into your daily life, with a wealth of new detail on the psychology of successful dieting. She presents a range of enticing new recipes, along with an easy Fast Diet shopping list and a user-friendly calorie counter to help you sail through your Fast Days.

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