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[The Clifton Chronicles 02] - The Sins Of The Father - Jeffrey Archer

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Read by Alex Jennings and Emilia Fox
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Book Title:....................The Sins Of The Father
Series Name:...............The Clifton Chronicles
Series No:....................02
Author:.........................Jeffrey Archer
Narrator:......................Alex Jennings and Emilia Fox
Genre:..........................Historical Fiction
ISBN:............................9781 4450 13657

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1939. Only days before Britain declares war on Germany, Harry Clifton, hoping to escape the consequences of long-buried family secrets, and forced to accept that his desire to marry Emma Barrington will never be fulfilled, has joined the Merchant Navy. But his ship is sunk in the Atlantic by a German U-boat, drowning almost the entire crew. An American cruise liner, the SS Kansas Star, rescues a handful of sailors, among them Harry and the third officer, an American named Tom Bradshaw. When Bradshaw dies in the night, Harry seizes on the chance to escape his tangled past and assumes his identity.
But on landing in America, he quickly learns the mistake he has made, when he discovers what is awaiting Bradshaw in New York. Without any way of proving his true identity, Harry Clifton is now chained to a past that could be far worse than the one he had hoped to escape.
New York, 1939. Tom Bradshaw is arrested for first degree murder. When Sefton Jelks, a top Manhattan lawyer, offers his services for nothing, penniless Tom has little choice but to accept his offer. After Tom is found guilty, Jelks disappears, and the only way for him to prove his innocence would be to reveal his true identity – something that he has sworn never to do in order to protect the woman he loves. Meanwhile, the young woman in question travels to New York, leaving their son behind in England, having decided she'll do whatever it takes to find the man she was to marry – unwilling to believe that he died at sea. The only proof she has is a letter.

Jeffrey Howard Archer, Baron Archer of Weston-super-Mare (born 15 April 1940) is an English author and former politician.
He was a Member of Parliament and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, and became a life peer in 1992. His political career, having suffered several controversies, ended after a conviction for perverting the course of justice and his subsequent imprisonment. He is married to Mary Archer, a scientist specialising in solar power. Outside politics, he is a novelist, playwright and short story writer.

Alex Jennings (born 10 May 1957) is an English actor, who has worked extensively with the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theatre. A three-time Olivier Award winner, he won for Too Clever by Half (1988), Peer Gynt (1996) and My Fair Lady (2003). Known for his versatility, he is the only performer to have won Olivier awards in the drama, musical and comedy categories. He played Prince Charles in the 2006 film The Queen. His other film appearances include The Wings of the Dove (1997), Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004), Babel (2006) and The Lady in the Van (2015).
Jennings was born in Essex, the son of Peggy Patricia (née Mahoney) and Michael Thomas Jennings. He attended Abbs Cross Technical High School in Hornchurch and then studied English and Theatre studies at the University of Warwick, graduating in 1978. He said he saw his first theatre when he was in high school and went to the Old Vic Theatre, which led him to be inspired to be an actor.

Emilia Fox was born in London, England on 31 July 1974 and is an Englsh actress and producer. She comes from a thespian family, her mother is actress Joanna David and her father is actor Edward Fox. Her uncle is James Fox and her cousins Laurence and Lydia also have successful acting careers. She has a brother Freddie, also an actor, and a half sister Lucy. She was educated at the independent Bryanston School where she played the cello, and at St Catherine's College, Oxford, where she read English.
In 2000 Fox was engaged to the comedian Vic Reeve and in July 2005, she married the British actor Jared Harris, the son of the Irish actor Richard Harris but divorced in January 2009.

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