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Overcome Social Anxiety in the Workplace in One Week - Jennifer Alison

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Read by Susan Kruth
Format: M4B

Social Anxiety effects almost 20 million Americans, many of whom find working a difficult and at times impossible task. You are not alone. The good news is that it is totally treatable with the right knowledge, which this guide will teach you!

This best-selling guide will teach you how to start dealing with your social anxiety immediately.

Does any of the below seem familiar to you? If so, this guide can help you:
• Sweating
• Dry Mouth
• Upset stomach
• Loss of appetite
• Increased appetite
• Excessive over-thinking or worrying before, during, and after a stress-inducing event
• Increased heart rate
• Cold sweaty hands
• Feeling suddenly very hot or cold
• Blushing
• Trembling
• Feeling an urge to use the toilet
• Scratching, hair twisting, or other compulsive grooming
• Clamming up when speaking
• Racing thoughts
• Catastrophic thoughts
• Hyperventilating that may result in tingling fingers, hands, feet, or face
• Panic Attacks
• Visualising worst case scenarios
• Wanting to quit your job through fear and nerves

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