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Property of a Lady Faire - Simon R. Green

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The Secret Histories novels deliver " a terrific, adventurous blend of genres...[and] high-octane heroism," (SFRevu) wrapped up in a thrilling and dangerous supernatural world that only New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Green could dream up.... Call me Drood, Eddie Drood. Some know me as Shaman Bond and most simply don' t want to know me at all. For centuries, my family has been keeping the things that lurk on the darker side of existence as far away as possible from humans like you, without you even knowing we' re there. Unfortunately for us, not everybody appreciates what we Droods do. Recently, I personally managed to survive yet another attempt on my life, but the rest of my relatives weren' t so lucky. My parents are missing in action. My grandfather has been murdered. And the future of my family lies in the iron grasp of the Lady Faire, an incredibly seductive, mysterious, and powerful being. She possesses an ancient object that can save them. I have to steal it from her. Easy enough to say, difficult-- and very, very dangerous-- to do...

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