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Noble House - James Clavell

Written by
Read by John Lee
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 64 Kbps

Series: Asian Saga, book 4
Punisher; Books on Tape (Random House)
Duration: 56 hours, 13 minutes
Release date: Jun 12, 2007

The setting is Hong Kong, 1963. The action spans scarcely more than a week, but these are the days of high adventure: from kidnapping and murder to financial double-dealing and natural catastrophes, fire, flood, and landslide. Yet they are days filled as well with all the mystery and romance of Hong Kong. The heart of Asia. rich in every trade... money, flesh, opium, power.

It's a huge, vastly sweeping epic.. It's a blockbuster of a novel in every sense, bringing equal amounts of entertainment and intellectual provocation.

There's something else going on in this novel which gives it added joy for those who have devoured the rest of the Asian saga -- in Noble House, Clavell begins to tie together the characters from all his other novels. The story focuses on the descendants of the characters in Tai-Pan, while descendants of the characters of Shogun also make appearances. And Peter Marlowe, who is Clavell's stand in for himself from King Rat, runs throughout the novel as a fairly important subplot, as an author who has recently achieved literary success with a novel about Changi, and is now researching a novel about Hong Kong (a delightful piece of hyper-fiction, which makes the reader all the more aware that this fictionalized world is based on real people -- the Struans of this world being based on the real life Jardines).

My thanks to this excellent review by Craig in Goodreads. Again John Lee narrates, my library does not have the Ralph Lister version as yet.

Large Overdrive file but I left it at 64kbps, no messing around with 56hrs!

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