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Lethbridge-Stewart Doctor Who spinoff series - The Scizoid Earth - Book 2 of 4 - Fantom Audio - David McIntree

Written by
Read by Terry Molloy
Format: MP3

This is not a audio drama, but rather a series of new Doctor Who spinoff books releases by the small UK publisher Fantom Audio. These books are also connected to Telos Publishing, who released the also audio only Time Hunter series.

I always say this when I share something from a small publishing group: buy something from them, please. It is the only way that the "little guy" can exist. Please, if you download this book, check out the website and think about buying something from Fantom Audio. It is the only way that other publishers can produce new and exciting material like this new series about a much younger Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart.

I admit that the UNIT stories on Classic Who are way before my time. I don't hold The Brigadier in as much awe as older fans do, I'm afraid. But, I'm glad I downloaded this book and listened to it. It was a very entertaining and enjoyable listen.

The story is a rather simple ghost-type story. But, the characters are particularly memorable and fun. It has made me go back and watch a few of the old UNIT episodes, actually! I give this book 8 out of 10 stars.

This is a continuing series of four book, with two more to be released in the next year. If you enjoy this, I think you would also enjoy the Time Hunter series.

I found this book to be very much a character study with a story attached. In other words, a true tribute to a character and actor and man that the author knew very well. In makes me wonder why it took until 2016 to make some stories about a character as likable as The Brig. your small publisher and enjoy this very good audio book.

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