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Joanna667 (Trusted Rebels, #1) - JW Scott

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Read by Jennifer Gill
Format: MP3

The Robots of 2725 have reinvented the gods of mythology! What if these new gods chose to speak with Joanna667, a non-entity, and have charged her with a calling to save the planet? What if Joanna667 was the embodiment of Joan of Arc, transported to this dystopian future where humans are no longer the highest order of life?
Join us in a world where robots reign supreme and humans know they must either augment themselves in order to move ahead or live a quiet mundane life without technology. In a world where the entities have embraced early religions and formed the Techno-Pagan church, casting aside some gods while establishing new roles for the deities of their church.
Can Joanna667, a 16-year-old girl in the lowest tier of the One World Caste System, provide the motivation for the human race to reestablish its dominance over technology before the entities destroy the planet? Or will the strongest heroine in Earth's history fall victim to the new gods' calling and face the flames again?

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