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Jaws - Peter Benchley

Written by
Read by Erik Steele
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 64 Kbps

Length: 9hrs 38min
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc., 2009
Format: chapters

For anyone out there who has not seen or heard of the move or has been on some unknown planet,….

Jaws is the story of a Killer Shark staking a claim off Amity Island.

The island is filled with small town people and a mayor who wants to keep a lid on things to keep the tourists coming. Brody, the chief of police, is doing his best to get to the bottom of the shark attacks, warn people in town, and stop the shark from killing.

Along the way Brody teams up with Hooper, a handsome and smug Marine Biologist, whose trying to understand the shark's pattern. He's also having an affair with Brody's wife. Brody's wife loves Brody very much and the affair is brief, sexual, and more curious than anything else.

Brody has to endure the pressures of small town politics and deal with the real threat of the deadly shark. He also has a fear of the ocean. Brody later joins Hooper and Captain Quint, an experienced and obsessed shark hunter, on a deadly journey to try to track and kill the Great White shark.

Success of the book led to many publishers commissioning books about mutant rats, rabid dogs and the like threatening communities. The subsequent film directed by Steven Spielberg is generally acknowledged as the first summer blockbuster. Benchley also wrote The Deep and The Island

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