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Holmes On The Range - Steve Hockensmith

Written by
Read by William Dufris
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Because 1893 is a tough year in Montana, any job is a good job. When Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer sign on as ranch hands at the secretive Bar VR cattle spread, they're not expecting much more than hard work, bad pay, and a comfortable campfire around which they can enjoy their favourite pastime: scouring "Harper's Weekly" for stories about the famous Sherlock Holmes.
When the boys come across a dead body that looks a whole lot like the leftovers of an unfortunate encounter with a cattle stampede, Old Red sees the perfect opportunity to employ his Holmes-inspired deducifyin' skills. Putting his ranch work squarely on the back burner, he sets out to solve the case. Big Red, like it or not (and mostly he does not), is along for the wild ride in this clever, compelling, and completely one-of-a-kind mystery.

While Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's followers have found numerous ways to imitate and pay homage to his Sherlock Holmes stories, Hockensmith has come up with a truly original one so good that this book went on to become an Edgar nominee for best first book. The corn-pone accent William Dufris adopts for Big Red takes some getting used to, but it suits Hockensmith's lighthearted tone. Dufris also does well with the voices of the other cowboys and especially the British aristocrats who own the ranch.

Still looking for copies of “On The Wrong Track” (stuck on 60% for well over a year), “The Black Dove” (0%) and “The Crack In The Lens”. I might even get desperate and buy them as downloads from Tantor (under $15 apiece).

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