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Forbidden    - by Ted Dekker

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A terrible truth has been revealed to one man: the entire human race has been drained of every emotion except one fear. To bring life back to the world, Rom must embark on a journey that will end either in his own demise or a reawakening of humanity. But to bring love and passion back into existence will also threaten the powers of the world with the revolution and anarchy that had nearly destroyed them previously.

After happening upon a journal through strange circumstance, Rom's world is shattered. He learns that humanity long ago ceased to "live," that it exists today in a living death of emotions. In a terrible risk, Rom exposes himself to the vial of blood folded into the old leather of the journal. His change is fearful and fraught with mind-bending emotion. A once pious observer of the Order's passionless statues, he is filled with uncontrollable impulses. He is filled with love. He is undone, terrified, and alone in the desolate world.

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