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Dust to Dust - Tami Hoag

Written by
Read by Nick Sullivan
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 64 Kbps

Series: Kovak/Liska Series, book2
Length: aprox 12.5hrs
Publisher: April 28th 2001 by Chivers North America

Sorry. The single word was written on the mirror. In front of it hung the body of Andy Fallon, a Minneapolis Internal Affairs cop. Was it suicide? Or a kinky act turned tragic accident? Either way, his death wasn't a crime.

The death of internal affairs investigator Andy Fallon is a potential political bomb for the Minneapolis Police Department. Andy Fallon was gay, and he was investigating a possible cop connection in the brutal murder of another gay officer. But Andy's death looks like suicide - or an unfortunate and embarrassing accident: death by autoerotic misadventure - and the pressure is on from the top brass to close the case as soon as possible. But Andy Fallon's ex-lover doesn't believe Andy died by his own hand - accidentally or otherwise. He believes Andy's death is tied to his work, and he presses lead detective Sam Kovac to find another answer - one that won't be popular with anyone.

With the help of Amanda Savard, Fallon's supervisor, Kovac begins to investigate the cases that Andy was working on and the deeper he digs, the more suspicious he becomes. It begins to look as if Andy Fallon might have hit on something that got him killed. And Andy might not be the final victim . . . . Kovac and Liska soon find their careers and lives on the line because a killer wants the truth left dead and buried. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.

This is not the later David Colacci version but I find Nick Sullivan very listenable.

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