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Doctor Who - The Tales of Winter - George Mann

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Written by George Mann
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The Tales of Winter by James Goss & George Mann
Four new inter-linked stories featuring the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman). BBC Audio

The Gods of Winter
On a remote human colony planet, under the cover of a protective dome, young Diana Winter summons the TARDIS. Brought to her side by the power of a mysterious calling card, the Doctor and Clara are given one of their unlikeliest assignments yet - one that will have far-reaching consequences…

Many years later, on the homeworld of the alien Golhearn, the time travellers once again meet Diana - but this time the stakes are much higher. The Golhearn’s savage madness is threatening to destroy their own civilisation, and Diana has a personal reason to call for the Doctor once again. Is he willing to assist, or must Clara go it alone? Can anyone discover the cause of the monstrous insanity that threatens them all?

The House of Winter
The Doctor and Clara are called to a mysterious, isolated house on a moonlet in the Asurmian Reach. There they meet the inscrutable Justin Winter and his two assistants, Joey and Carenza. Winter has called for the Doctor’s help: he and his friends are trapped in the house, all exits having long ago been sealed.

When the TARDIS is unable to dematerialise, the Doctor and Clara realise they are as much prisoners as their new acquaintances. Strange blood moths fly around their heads, and there’s a strange whispering and rustling from the shadows of the house’s interior. As tensions rise, the Doctor struggles to engineer a way out - and a staggering series of revelations are about to be made.

The Sins of Winter
The TARDIS is summoned to a 'space cathedral' by Shadrak Winter, the High Cardinal of the Cult of the Prime Self. Soon to be relieved of his post by way of assassination, Shadrak has used his family's calling card to bring the Doctor to his aid. His followers have long fled the Sinful, highly contagious slug-like creatures which he himself has succumbed to - and which now imperil the Doctor and Clara.

As Clara discovers more about the Cult of the Prime Self - currently the fourth most popular religion - the Doctor becomes infected, all but lost to appalling guilt and self-recrimination. As he seeks to absolve himself of his perceived sins, Clara must use all her survival instincts to escape the Sinful's advances and rescue her vulnerable friend ...

The Memory of Winter
In 15th Century France the time travellers encounter a band of soldiers protecting a mysterious young woman. Joan of Arc is troubled by voices, telling her things she should not know about: things concerning the Doctor's own people, the Time Lords.

Compelled to discover where she is getting the information from, the Doctor and Clara are drawn into ever-increasing danger.

*coming April 2016*

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