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Doctor Who Spinoff - U.N.I.T - Series 4 - BRAND NEW - Shutdown - Big Finish

Written by
Read by Jemma Redgrave; Ingrid Oliver; Warren Brown; James Joyce
Format: MP3

This is one of the BEST offerings from Big Finish thus far in the year 2016! The U.N.I.T. series is proving to be an utterly compelling spinoff of audio drama at it's best.

Since being given license to tell "New Who" stories two years ago, the results have been mixed affairs. The delightful U.N.I.T stories and the Tenth Doctor series coming out the best, and the Churchill Stories being a rather boring affair into the 9th Doctor. The War Doctor series was a bit slow the first series but the second series really picked up. But, I must admit that I am enjoying U.N.I.T. the most of the lot. I simply love the characters introduced of Kate as the hard as nails daughter of the Brigadier and Osgood as her scientific genius. The introduction of Captain Josh as the very sexy brave military commander and love interest for Osgood is utterly compelling as well. I hope they might give Josh his day on the television with the 12th Doctor.

U.NI.T. was never my favorite plot in Classic Who, despite my loving the Brig so much. But, I have to say that Kate is a completely worthy successor to her old dad and more. Strong female characters in their 50s are rather rare in science fiction. I know her father must have been damn proud of his daughter.

In short, 9 out of 10. This is audio drama at it's very best and I can't wait for the next U.N.I.T. stories to come along. I think a complete newcomer to Doctor Who would enjoy this as much as a fan like myself. It is as great as the first Torchwood episodes in being original, adult, funny, exciting, and completely at home without having the Doctor around.

I recommend this highly. Please SEED if you download from my torrents! Thanks!

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