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Doctor Who - Darker Projects (includes Mark Kalita Doctor)

Written by Darker Projects
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As I promised, this torrent that I am sharing completes the Mark Kalita Doctor catalog. All the rest of the material that Mark Kalita has made with him as the Doctor can be found at my other torrent under "Broken Sea Audio."

Darker Projects is a audio drama website devoted to just what the name suggests, Darker Projects. The tone of the audio dramas offered by Darker Projects is quite dark in nature. In other words, if you like Doctor Who at it's darkest (episodes like The Library come to mind) and edgiest, then you are probably going to quite enjoy the audio dramas included here.

Mark Kalita is an American voice actor who began his tenure as the Doctor way back in 2001, long before the new series. The first two seasons of this torrent are from the Mark Kalita catalog, while the last two seasons feature another actor portraying the Doctor. In 2008, Mark Kalita's Doctor moved to Broken Sea Audio, where he remains today.

Kalita's incarnation of the Doctor is supposed to be the 13th. The first episode with him as Doctor is called "Grave White North." This proceeds on for two seasons. He is joined by George (one of my favorite companions! A "psychomorph!). Even though Kalita's portrayal of the Doctor is not canonical like the Big Finish productions, he is actually one of the best Doctors. I think he's probably most like the 8th and 10th Doctors, who happen to be my two favorites. Yes, he is an American voice actor who does a near perfect English accent. As this is an American production company, most characters and companions and such have American accents. Kind of the exact opposite of Big Finish where everyone has a British accent!

Many people do not know how extensive and imaginative the various "fan" produced Doctor Who audios are out there in the world. In my opinion, Mark Kalita's Doctor is the best "fanmade" Doctor. Most Big Finish fans are aware of production like BBV and Audio Visuals. I personally think that Darker Projects and Broken Sea are much better than these and other productions like DWAD. The material is darker, edgier, and much more exciting.

There is a lot of focus on the Time War as 2005 happened when these were in production. As such, this doctor is shell shocked much like the 9th Doctor. This was back when Big Finish couldn't explore the Time War. It is really interesting to see where the talented people at Darker Projects went with this event.

As I mentioned, the first two seasons lead into the four seasons I've put up by Broken Sea audio. After Season 2, another Doctor takes over for Kalita. I would probably download this torrent and my other Doctor Who torrent and listen to the Kalita audio dramas in order, so they will make more sense to people.

Kalita is supposed to be the 13th Doctor, though sometimes this is vague. Torchwood and UNIT are often part of plots, which I liked. A lot of cool original characters like another immortal like Captain Jack are introduced. The companions are all American actors, though some are certainly NOT human! Sometimes, the world of Darker Projects/Broken Sea feels like "Big Finish in America!" I mean that at as quite a compliment to the scripts, sound effects, and acting.

I also included a brief special called "Infinity Doctors" with this torrent. In the finest tradition of episodes like "The Four Doctors" and "Light at the End of" this series features The Moment as nefarious villain instead of looking like Rose Tyler! It brings together doctors both past, present, and from alternative time lines. One does a perfect impression of Chris Eccelston! Another Doctor even has an American accent, which turns out to work out just fine. I really quite enjoyed this miniseries.

I hope you all enjoy these audio plays as much as I have! They are a great discovery for any Big Finish and Doctor Who fan. With Netflix cancelling Doctor Who in the United States, us American Whovians are going to need to get our Who from somewhere. I recommend this torrent and my other torrent "Broken Sea" unreservedly. Only the canon police are likely to object to these dramas. Probably what I like the most is these stories are highly original! I often felt like series like DWAD (Doctor Who Audio Dramas) just kind of copied the personalities of Doctors from the classic series.

But, Mark Kalita stands alone in his performance as The Doctor here! Although these certainly are not perfect by any means, they are at least as good as most Monthly ranges from Big Finish. For instance, I didn't have much use for Olivia as a companion here, but I loved George! I'm quite curious what others will think!

By the way, I'm looking for someone to share the material that is posted on this site under "Doctor Who Short Story Collection" as it includes some Virgin material as well as "Short Trips" that I still don't have. The torrent dies at 4.0%. Anyone out there willing to help me?

I would highly encourage any fans to visit the Darker Projects website. They produce a lot of very interesting non-Who Audio Dramas. Spread the word about this site and Broken Sea! They offer their stuff for free, after all!

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