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Doctor Who - Broken Sea Audio (w/Mark Kalita as The Doctor) - Broken Sea Audio

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This is an interesting collection of Doctor Who audio dramas that most Big Finish fans have never heard of. It features a very talented American (with an English accent) Mark Kalita playing The Doctor is his 13th incarnation after the Peter Capaldi incarnation.

This series ran from about 2006 until present day. I am going to put up another torrent called Darker Projects. This completes the Mark Kalita Doctor Who catalog.

The Mark Kalita Doctor is not well-known, unfortunately. He is actually one of my favorite doctors out there, including all the canonical doctors. He brings a certain something to the role. Being fan fiction, these audio dramas don't worry about licensing and adhering to canon like Big Finish does. This sometimes yields some really interesting stories about events like the Time War and such. I would go so far as to say that Mark Kalita is one of my favorite audio doctors out of all of the many out there. Paul McGann remains my favorite doctor of all time, of course. I would say Kalita's doctor is kind of a combination of Paul McGann and David Tenant in personality. The 11th Doctor is not mentioned because most of these were made before his tenure.

As this is American produced (by Brits and Americans), most of the companions and auxiliary characters are American. Old companions and events are often mentioned, which makes it feel "canonical" despite everything.

I've made a hobby of listening to non-Big Finish audios the last month for fun. Most people are aware of the Audio Visuals and BBV and DWAD. I would say Broken Sea is of higher quality than these. The thing I like most about Kalita's Doctor is that the stories are more adult and darker in nature. They take risks in character development also. The acting, sound effects, and scripts are almost always excellent.

Almost all these episodes were written before the events in The Day of the Doctor. This means that even though this Doctor is supposed to come after Capaldi, it is still assumed that the Time Lords are all dead. This is a theme that is often explored in the stories.

I would highly recommend this series of audio plays to ANY Doctor Who fan out there. You don't need to be a fan of Big Finish to enjoy these. By the way, Broken Sea produces a bunch of other audio dramas that are quite interesting, including Battlestar Galactica (based on the old series from 1977).

ENJOY and SEED once you are done downloading! By the way, I am looking for some kind soul to share the material found in a posting on this site called "Short Story Collection" under "Doctor Who". It includes the Virgin Decalog as well as the BBC Short Trips, More Short Trips, and Short Trips and Side Steps series. I've looked everywhere in vain. The current torrent is long dead. I would be very grateful to anyone who could share these!

I hope you all enjoy these stories as much as I have! They are some of the best Doctor Who stories out there in the huge world of non-Big Finish audio dramas.

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Season 4 3. The Thing.mp3 51.96 MBs
Season 4 5. 6 Billion Deaths of Soka Virashi.mp3 51.05 MBs
Season 4 6. Centurion.mp3 49.68 MBs
Season 2 11. NWO.mp3 49.05 MBs
Season 2 2. Murder.mp3 48.22 MBs
Season 3 7. The Quorum of Time - Part 1.mp3 47.65 MBs
Season 2 8. Beyond The Veil.mp3 47.36 MBs
Season 3 5. East of the Sun, West of the Moon.mp3 46.91 MBs
Season 2 1. The 3 Fold Solution.mp3 46.7 MBs
Season 4 4. Whisper In The Silence.mp3 45.01 MBs
Season 3 6. Mechalution.mp3 43.76 MBs
Season 3 8. The Quorum of Time - Part 2.mp3 43.53 MBs
Season 4 2. Accidental Engineer.mp3 43.21 MBs
Season 3 9. The Quorum of Time - Part 3.mp3 42.11 MBs
Season 2 4. Take Two.mp3 39.35 MBs
Season 2 10. The Untimely Dead.mp3 37.06 MBs
Season 1 3. In Plain Sight - Part 1.mp3 34.82 MBs
Season 2 5. Midnight Garden.mp3 34.16 MBs
Season 2 3. Capricorn Conspiracy.mp3 33.38 MBs
Season 1 13. The Nature of Things.mp3 32.96 MBs
Season 1 1. Unleashed.mp3 32.96 MBs
Season 1 10. Strange Bed Fellows - Part 3.mp3 31.76 MBs
Season 1 6. Lesser Evils - Part 1.mp3 31.62 MBs
Season 1 5. In Plain Sight - Part 2.mp3 31.15 MBs
Season 2 7. The Oncoming Storm.mp3 30.11 MBs
Season 2 9. Dominion Eternal.mp3 28.72 MBs
Season 2 6. A Shadowed Past.mp3 28.61 MBs
Season 1 2. The Unravelling - Part 1.mp3 28.38 MBs
Season 3 1. From the Inside - Part 1.mp3 28.17 MBs
Season 3 2. From the Inside - Part 2.mp3 28.08 MBs
Season 1 4. The Unravelling Part 2.mp3 26.15 MBs
Season 1 9. Strange Bed Fellows - Part 2.mp3 25.05 MBs
Season 3 3. From the Inside - Part 3.mp3 23.23 MBs
Season 1 7. Lesser Evils - Part 2.mp3 22.53 MBs
Season 1 11. The Unravelling - Part 3.mp3 21.57 MBs
Season 2 14. Who Is Amanda Waterfield.mp3 21.51 MBs
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