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Lessons from World Cultures - The Great Courses - Mark Berkson

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It’s a universal truth: Everyone—including you—will eventually die. Other forms of life on our planet will also die, but we might be the only living creatures who cannot help but contemplate our own mortality. After thousands of years of pondering it, we still find death one of life’s most perplexing mysteries—yet it doesn’t have to be the most frightening.

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04 Is It Rational to Fear Death.mp3 6.58 MBs
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03 Death, Illusion & Meaning.mp3 6.82 MBs
06 Death, Ritual and the Corpse.mp3 6.86 MBs
05 Understanding and Coping With Grief.mp3 6.91 MBs
07 American Death Rituals.mp3 6.92 MBs
16 Death and Syncretism in China.mp3 7.03 MBs
08 Approaches to Dying Well.mp3 7.08 MBs
09 Judaism on Death and the Afterlife.mp3 7.09 MBs
18 The Choice of Euthanasia.mp3 7.09 MBs
23 The Pursuit of Immortality.mp3 7.09 MBs
11 Islam on Returning to God.mp3 7.2 MBs
14 The Process of Dying in Tibetan Buddhism.mp3 7.24 MBs
12 Death, Rebirth and Liberation in Hinduism.mp3 7.28 MBs
13 Buddhism on Impermance and Afterlife.mp3 7.29 MBs
15 Confucian Rememberance, Daoist Forgetting.mp3 7.3 MBs
10 Death and Hope in Christianity.mp3 7.32 MBs
01 Death's Place in Our Lives.mp3 7.33 MBs
19 Killing in War and the Pacifist and the Pacifist Challenge.mp3 7.35 MBs
22 Near-Death Experiences.mp3 7.39 MBs
20 Considering Capital Punishment.mp3 7.39 MBs
21 Killing Non-Human Animals.mp3 7.41 MBs
17 Suicide Examined.mp3 7.44 MBs
24 The Value of Death.mp3 7.59 MBs
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