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Clone - Richard Cowper

Written by Richard Cowper
Read by Gabriel Woolf
Format: MP3

Can four clones, saint-like, with perfect eidetic memories & rather plain features, find happiness in the brutish world of 2072? Or will they instead learn to accept the nasty conditions of life aboard a packed & harrassed Earth? Sprung illegally from Dr. Poynter's fertile imagination & sterile test tubes, nurtured separately by the current working class of intelligent apes, Alvin, Bruce, Colin & Desmond (alike as podded peas) are blissfully unaware of each other's existence till some awfully odd events begin to occur.

That is, Alvin claims to have remembrances of things yet to come. One of those things is a gorgeous green-eyed girl.

Not to speak of the psychic & teleportational talents the four develop when together, which understandably threaten & alarm the Omniscient Authorities.

Not to mention the havoc they play on this tightly tuned society when they decide to give the bureaucracy just a taste of their awesome powers.

First published in 1972.

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