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Book of Pirates - Howard Pyle

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Read by Simon Vance
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Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates - Fiction, Fact, and Fancy Concerning the Buccaneers and Marooners of the Spanish Main compiled by Merle Johnson

Simon Vance – 7hrs 55min
“Pirates, Buccaneers, Marooners, those cruel but picturesque sea wolves who once infested the Spanish Main, all live in present-day conceptions in great degree as drawn by the pen and pencil of Howard Pyle…. It is improbable that anyone else will ever bring his combination of interest and talent to the depiction of these old-time Pirates, any more than there could be a second Remington to paint the now extinct Indians and gun-fighters of the Great West.”

So writes Merle Johnson, who gathered together in one volume the nineteenth-century author-artist’s entire classic pirate stories that had been scattered through many magazines and books.

Well researched and with richly drawn characters, Pyle’s work will appeal to serious students of history and adventure lovers alike.
Part 1 is a very detailed, no whitewashed history of a bloody, brutal group of men and is a fascinating read.

The 7 tales were considered juvenile adventure literature. If this book as any indication, boys in 1921 were more sophisticated than they are in 2014. Edited from an Overdrive download

0. Preface
1. Buccaneers and Marooners of the Spanish Main
The swashbuckling tales …..
2. The Ghost of Captain Brand
3. With the Buccaneers
4. Tom Chist and the Treasure Box
5. Jack Ballister's Fortunes
6. Blueskin the Pirate
7. Captain Scarfield
8. The Ruby of Kishmoor

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