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Body Movers 02 - 2 Bodies for the Price of 1         (IN CHAPTERS) - Stephanie Bond

Written by Stephanie Bond
Read by Cassandra Campbell
Format: MP3

If you like your books split this way look at the other books I have uploaded - I always split them into chapters before I upload them

With fugitive parents, a brother dodging loan sharks, a hunky cop who's made her outlaw family his business, and her ex-fiancé back in the picture, Carlotta Wren thought her life couldn't get any more complicated. And then…

Her fugitive parents phone home.

Her identity is stolen by a look-alike.

Her look-alike is found, well…dead.

Under suspicion for murder, Carlotta discovers that her devious double might have been bumped off accidentally�and that she could be the real target! Throw in dealing with her motley crew of family, friends and wannabe lovers, and Carlotta begins to think that jail isn't such a bad alternative after all….

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