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Bachelor Undone  & Bachelor Unleashed - Brenda Jackson-

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Bachelor Undone
Brenda Jackson

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Brenda Jackson has won numerous awards for her contemporary African-American romances. In Jamaica for a well-deserved vacation, city planner Darcy Owens is stunned by the sight of a chocolate-skinned god in the distance. Upon closer inspection, however, it turns out this dream man is York Ellis, an arrogant ex-cop-and notorious bachelor-Darcy knows all too well. But when her life is threatened, he offers her protection and sparks begin to fly between them.
Bachelor Unleashed
Brenda Jackson

Popular author Brenda Jackson's sizzling tales set pulses racing and keep listeners craving more. Sexy and powerful lawyer Xavier Kane is everything Farrah Langley ever wanted-in a one-night stand, at least. He's gentle and compassionate, yet an unleashed tiger in the bedroom. Now Xavier is interested in putting his lady-killer days behind him and settling down. But is he the kind of man Farrah could share the rest of her life with?

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