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An Infamous Army (Alastair-Audley series 04) - Georgette Heyer

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Brussels is a lively place to be in 1815, and red-haired widow Lady Barbara Childe is at the centre of the social whirl. However, the city was a nest of intrigue --Napoleon threatened Europe--but the talk was only of this dazzling and tempestuous young. Every brilliant ball, supper, and concert in the feverish spring seemed to bring her a new conquest by storm.

Threatened by the growing tide of scandal, she allowed one of her adorers--the dashing Colonel Charles Audley, an aide-de-camp to the Duke of Wellington--to claim her for his bride. But as the clouds of war gathered, he turned from her in a sudden, mysterious indifference. Stunned, bewildered, Barbara wondered what secret she must fathom, what new seduction must she devise, to regain the one man who--she ruefully realized--had truly claimed her heart?

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